Any successful person have to cut off the bridges he or she passes

Any successful person have to cut off the bridges he or she passes on. what does this  mean?
In lay mans language  you may assume that the  success comes after  a person  crosses some bridges that may include obstacles and some sought of preparations like going to college  but its more than that you have to sacrifice allot
In another  prospective  you may as well explain this using the  scarcity theory that one has to one has to undergo three stages .These stages include :competition, conflict,confrontation.

According to this theory in order to succeed there  must be some competition either from your peers,workmates or even nature towards achieving something that is worth .this competition creates a point of interest that eventually leads to conflict . conflict is when things start going south  and  someone has to be brave enough to think of  confrontation .
in confrontation only the smart ones win this battle  and get the ultimate price which is success. they always keep there eyes on the price

thus in order to succeed you will have obstacles in the way these include both making a lot of enemies along the way, loose friends  and also make new ones along the way but the ultimate goal still remains


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