Creativity only comes out when depression is the worst.
Anxiety, fighting with dreams
As to what is reality, opposed to how it seems.
It’s the only outlet, a fountain of expression.
Wanting the future, but trapped with thoughts of regression.
Visions of failure with the world crumbling around you
But when you voice these frustrations, the relief it outstounds you.
They say those with the most beautiful minds,
at the same time are the ones who hurt the most inside.
And through writing and vocal release,
it allows those to obtain a bit of peace
Cease the pain, for even just a second.
Through the fire and the rain the world seems somewhat pleasant.
But it’s those thoughts, the ones which create worlds.
Will burn down in front of them and send the mind back into swirls.
To speak from experience, its a constant up and down,
a battle with no winner but still no reason to frown.
Through this outlet, you can create your own ending
Rather than dealing with the stress and anxiety life has been sending.
Learning from the experience, I bless the way for existing
For when the world crumbles, the brain starts the whistling.
And For the minds that race twice as much as the rest
We need to find a way to release the gallons of stress.
The test to us, is to get you to vision it.
While we suffer in order to create,
a solution that prevents you from living it.