Cinderella, snow white, little mermaid, rapunzel etc all these fairytale stories have something in common and that is they all had a happy ending,. Just as every relationship starts with a simple smile, a wink maybe a simple hi?, all in the hope of a happy ending..but in real sense not all relationships ends up in a happy ending, not all proposals will be a yes, so when you think of going down on one knee don’t be surprised if the answer that you get is the unexpected `no`. It just life so get up, go and get the one who will say I do.

When she comes don’t mind what people say, just hung on there and ignore others and most importantly mind your own business. Because she was meant to be yours, accept her flaws, the ones you can’t change adjust to coexist.

Actually Cinderella in fairy tales do not exist in real life so it’s  up to you to make one for yourself  and treat her right and there you might as well get a happy ending everyone else is looking for..


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