After things went sour wondering does anyone ever think of me. all that has been happening is just a mess,every other day loosing people you love, schedenfeude has been a part of me from when things turned ,ie changed for the worst,nothing has been the same,self exteem getting really low,slowly healing its getting back slowly as they say moving on swiftly

These days very few people care ,you never know who they are until you get a helping hand

Your tired of the false hopes that one day you will notice that am here not for your sake but it seems I was dreaming so i choose to leave hoping you will set free and never come back becouse it was a bad dream

If u think of it coffee never knew it would taste nice and sweet before it met sugar and milk . we are as good as individuals but it become better when we blend with the right people. the  world is full of nice people if you cant find one, be one.


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