The moment you realize how fragile you are when your vulnerable that’s when you finally realize the real intention of people that is some may seem so friendly only realize that there just pretending some are just there to schadenfreude.

Therefore be wise for the man who has nothing to lose for all he has is to gain if you think about it. How could you disappear for a decade then out of the blue you are back saying that you care and you think you’re in love.. Is that even practical in real life or just another one of those stupid myths that love comes slow.

When you look at things in a different perspective you will come about to another theory .Ask your self is it really love or just desperation because my significant other is not around, just because  I was lonely it doesn’t mean that i will fall for you ,where have u been all these years..if you think of it am confused, all that matters is how you see things.  As people see the moon  round in shape while the fact state otherwise, actually the moon is egg shaped.

Here is the bottom line  that is how  you choose to view  things and take time to reflect on things before you abruptly get into dubious relationships that are doomed to fail on lighter note test drive relationships.




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