Become an Innovative Problem Solver

Time was when the word “innovation” was something you would only hear in the context of a really big invention.

Scientific breakthroughs would be hailed as being innovative.

World-changing inventions – the light bulb, the airplane, and penicillin – all great examples of innovation at work.

But in the age of digitization, where rules are being re-written almost as soon as the ink is dry, being innovative has taken on a whole new meaning.

Today, if you want to be at the forefront of your field as a technologist, it is no longer enough to be proficient at problem solving.

Most employers in today’s digital marketplace will be looking to talented candidates to bring innovative thinking – and creativity – to their role.

Innovation Defined

At its base, innovation is about creating new things, new approaches, and new ways of doing things. It is about taking something – a problem, a challenge, a product – and rethinking it.

Now in a digitized, more interconnected world, and one that is driven by technology as well as globalization, and where the new quickly becomes commonplace, only enhances the pressure to be innovative.

From big corporations to the most agile of startups, from thinking outside the box, to bringing a new approach to the table, or pulling a fresh idea out of the hat—all require creative problem solving. Making those who possess the skills and experience that demonstrates they are indeed innovative problem solvers, even more in-demand by employers.

It is what will set you apart for success—and getting in the door at your dream company.



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