Safaricom’s BIGbox comes back at half price


Safaricom’s the BIGbox is back and at half price the original launch price. The now Ksh 4,999 set-top box provides home users with TV and Internet for up to 10 users.

Now on sale at all Safaricom Shops for a one-off fee of Ksh 4,999 and a free 3GB Bundle at the point of purchase, the decoder promises 59 Tv and radio channels plus allows access to home Internet, Wi-Fi hot spot (up to 10 users), Portability, Ability to share, Plug own media, Access to personalized entertainment (Music, Games, News), among others.

To install the BIGbox, one will need an outdoor aerial installed and will need to pay their monthly subscription using their account number (MSISDN) which is on the sticker under theBIGbox or on the side of the packaging then dial *422# or access the Safaricom bundle for brief set up instructions.

In May last year, Safaricom its version one of the DVB-2 device but it was a quick flop as the ‘The BigBox’, with 3G/4G data network, USD, HDMI port, 30FTA channels in HD, Wi-Fi hotspot for up to ten and YouTube streaming was too expensive for the already cash strapped Kenyans.

The firm had announced two payments plans, users could either pay a deposit of Sh4,999 , then pay Sh999 for six months for 30 FTAs, up to 6GB a month in data bundles a month, and free Youtube viewing or choose a second option, where they could pay a one-off fee of Sh9,999 for 30FTA access TV channels, up to 6GB in data bundles a month and free YouTube access.

The bundle prices were also high as users could buy bundles of up to 50GB for just Sh4,000 via airtime or M-PESA. The firm had targetedto reach an estimated 2.4 Million households out of the 3.2 million households that have access to digital television sets that time. This time, majority of Kenyans have got cheap decoders ranging from Ksh 2000 purchase price with Ksh 140 to 1000 monthly charges. A number of others have homes connected to internet either through Fiber or satellite. Netflix’s recent launch makes Internet a basic need in some of the homes.

Safaricom is targeting these Netflix lovers but it will have to work on its Internet pricing to make a mark for itself or it will have to reintroduce monthly unlimited internet packages.

Airtel and Orange are not playing in this filed yet but if Able Wireless is launching this year as it claims, the BIGbox might find it hard to gain considerable market share even if Safaricom’s has the best distribution network so far.

The new data bundles plan for the BIGbox are:

The BIGbox 5GB 5GB 1,199 30 Days
The BIGbox 15GB 15GB 3,199 30 Days
The BIGbox 30GB 30GB 5,999 30 Days

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